Rapidly becoming common-place, many businesses are moving toward server virtualization to minimize the number of hardware platforms requiring support, and to make their networks more manageable. DigeTekS engineers are certified and experienced with VMware, Novell Zenworks, and Citrix Xen solutions.

In addition to server hardware virtualization, product offerings are also available for operating system and application virtualization. However, creating a solid plan of action and identifying the best products and tools for your specific environment can be an overwhelming task. DigeTekS can provide the proper guidance and experience to overcome that challenge.

Why Virtualize?
Server capabilities have advanced to such a level that most systems are underutilized in today’s data centers and server rooms. Virtualization can reduce the amount of hardware, support, and maintenance needed to run your organization effectively while simultaneously increasing efficiencies and reducing overall costs.

Benefits of virtualized environments:
• Reduced costs of total hardware
o Less physical servers required to run business
o Less utility and power requirements
• Reduced maintenance costs
o Less equipment to retain on support contracts
o Less man-hours required to support infrastructure
• Optimized server utilization
o Allows for full usage of server processors, memory, disk space, etc.
• Extensibility and scalability
o New servers take minutes to deploy
o Eliminate the need to buy a server for every new system
o Host many virtual servers across minimal physical hardware

DigeTekS Expertise
DigeTekS can help bring focus and expertise to the design, implementation and management of a virtualized solution. Through a detailed analysis of your business needs and current environment, our engineers are adept in defining the most optimal means of minimizing hardware systems and delivering applications to any users, anywhere, at any time.