Network Design

DigeTekS engineers have many years of experience analyzing, designing and implementing core network infrastructure. Proper selection and configuration of servers, backups, firewalls, mail systems, SAN’s, security products, switches and routers is essential to ensuring the delivery of consistent network services, and providing protection and access to key company data.

We are certified and experienced with leading industry operating systems, including: Novell, Linux and Microsoft. Our solutions involve identifying and incorporating improved efficiencies to enhance the delivery of network systems and services to the whole organization. Network optimization is a critical component of designing an effective infrastructure, thereby improving overall systems and employee productivity. Our skills and expertise has helped guide many companies to achieve greater gains from their technology platforms.

Network Assessment and Design
One of our core consulting services offerings is based on our ability to properly assess an existing network’s infrastructure. Our talented engineering team has worked with many different types of network platforms of varying sizes across most industries. This experience and understanding of how multiple and disparate technologies do or do not work together, makes us a leading services partner to help our clients analyze and re-design their current environments.

Reviewing and understanding the environment, as well as interviewing key personnel, help establish the baseline for an assessment. A strong network design will certify that the network is appropriately structured to meet our clients’ business requirements, and allow for scalability into the future. DigeTekS can further assist with implementation services, or provide guidance to internal personnel to perform those tasks themselves. We partner with all of our clients in the manner that best supports them and their overall company goals.

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