Messaging Systems

As one of the most visible and highly utilized tools within any company’s network, an effective messaging system is vital to the success of most businesses. In recent years, the issues surrounding stable and secure messaging systems have multiplied and become more complex. Add in new compliance regulations for e-mail retention and e-discovery requirements imposed on many industries, and it becomes imperative to have an appropriately designed and maintained solution.

Years of experience implementing, migrating and upgrading the most prominent e-mail systems have made DigeTekS a leader in designing effective solutions that comply with today’s requirements, while remaining scalable to meet the needs of tomorrow.

Messaging Systems Implementations
For new and growing companies that are implementing a formal messaging system, our staff of consultants will objectively review the elements of the environment and make recommendations to best address the functionality needed for the business. Our team will design and implement the solution, and can provide ongoing support of the new platform, to allow new young organizations to remain focused on growing their business, rather than supporting the infrastructure to run it.

System Upgrades and Migrations
DigeTekS has performed countless messaging systems upgrades and migrations for companies of all sizes within most business industries. We have assessed, designed, and implemented upgrades and migrations of all versions of Microsoft Exchange, Novell GroupWise, and Lotus Notes. We have moved clients from one system to another, or upgraded an environment from an older version of the same system.

Our vast experience enables us to quickly determine and communicate any changes or potential complications that may alter how messaging is currently performed within a clients’ network. This enables for proper planning and user communications or training before the impacts of change are felt with a new or upgraded system, thus ensuring a smooth transition.